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Custom Home Construction in Kingston

Everyone dreams of being a homeowner, but most people end up buying a house that’s already been constructed, with someone else’s preferences. When you’ve worked so hard in life towards the goal of being a homeowner, you shouldn’t settle for something less than your dream. Sure, you may find something quite ideal to purchase, but is it really a house to call your own? Is it really a property you want to grow old in and raise your family in? Chances are, you can do better, especially with Concord Homes’ custom builds.

58 Riverside water view

Be in control

When you purchase an already-built home, you can run into many surprises, which can quickly become costly. This changes the joys of homeownership to a headache, which is something you don’t want. Concord Homes lets you take the wheel if you want, or you can turn over complete control to us; whatever it is you desire, we’ll always accommodate you.

By choosing to be in the decision-making process, you can then plan your entire budget accordingly. This ensures that there are few to no surprises when the entire project is done and that the dream home you envision becomes a reality. Concord Homes is confident that we’ll build you a home that completely reflects your tastes and personality.

Be environmentally friendly

Having a carbon footprint is inevitable, especially if you’re constructing a house. However, there are measures you can take to minimize the impact you have on our environment. Concord Homes is proud to be a company that has energy-efficient and environmentally friendly options available for you when you choose to have a custom home built by us.

Not only will the choice to have an energy-efficient and environmentally friendly home reduce the stress on our planet, but it will also save you money in the long run. Most people don’t realize how energy hungry their homes are and end up paying high utility bills. When you start off with energy-efficient solutions in the first place, you’ll notice a significant difference between your old and new bills.

Built to last

When you choose Concord Homes to build your custom home, you can be fully confident that your property will last for years to come. Concord Homes has the highest-quality workmanship seen in the local area and will pay attention to every detail from the foundation up. Our business is certified in ENERGY STAR, R-2000, and Net Zero new home construction.

When we build your unique home, you have the option of having it built on either your personal lot or one of our lots. If you’re interested in purchasing a lot, you’ll be glad to know that we have many design-build lots available for purchase. So, get in touch with us today to discuss your options when it comes to custom-built homes.